Committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline

The California Coastal Coalition (CalCoast)  is a non-profit advocacy group comprised of 35 coastal cities; five counties; SANDAG, BEACON and SCAG; private sector partners and NGOs, committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline through beach sand restoration, increasing the flow of natural sediment to the coast, wetlands recovery, improved water quality, watershed management and the reduction of marine debris and plastic pollution.
CalCoast has sponsored or supported legislation, budget requests and bond measures (Propositions 12, 13, 40, 50 and 84) that have raised billions of dollars in state and federal funding for beaches, wetlands, clean water and parks. In 1999, we sponsored the California Public Beach Restoration Act (AB 64-Ducheny), which created the state’s first fund for beach nourishment projects.

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PCH: Climate change threatens California’s ‘highway at the edge’ | USA Today

Frequent damage has long plagued the Pacific Coast Highway. In January, another chunk fell into the ocean after intense rainstorms. Can it be saved? Source:...
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Regulators OK groundbreaking wave energy testing project off Oregon coast |

“It’s huge. It’s the first license of its type to be issued in the United States,” said OSU’s Burke Hales, chief scientist on the project. Source: Regulators...
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11,000 baby abalone will be planted off at a secret spot off the Southern California coast | Coastal News Today

These sea creatures are on quite the California adventure. Source: Coastal News Today | CA - 11,000 baby abalone will be planted off at a secret spot off the...
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Miami Says It Can Adapt to Rising Seas. Not Everyone Is Convinced. | The New York Times

Officials have a new plan to manage rising water. Succeed or fail, it will very likely become a case study for other cities facing climate threats. Source:...
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Federal authorities launch human smuggling investigation after deadly California crash | NBC

Ten of the 13 people who were killed were Mexican nationals, officials said. Source: Federal authorities launch human smuggling investigation after deadly...
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Neanderthal Thinking: Biden Says Too Soon To Stop Wearing Masks For COVID-19 | NPR

"The last thing — the last thing — we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything's fine, take off your masks. Forget it, it still matters,"...
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Brazil’s Covid Crisis Is a Warning to the Whole World, Scientists Say | The New York Times

Brazil is seeing a record number of deaths, and the spread of a more contagious coronavirus variant that may cause reinfection. Source: Brazil’s Covid Crisis...
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Senate bill will narrow income eligibility for $1,400 stimulus checks | CNNPolitics

President Joe Biden has agreed to a compromise with moderate Democrats to narrow the income eligibility for the next round of $1,400 stimulus checks that are...
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Biden Says U.S. Will Have Vaccine Supply For All Adults By May, Prioritizes Teachers : Coronavirus Updates | NPR

President Biden moves his timeline up by two months while directing all 50 states and the District of Columbia to move school workers up in line for...
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US Coronavirus: The country needs to hold on for another 2 or 3 months without easing up, experts say | CNN

Several states on Tuesday announced they are loosening restrictions put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, even as health experts warn against doing...
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