Committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline

The California Coastal Coalition (CalCoast)  is a non-profit advocacy group comprised of 35 coastal cities; five counties; SANDAG, BEACON and SCAG; private sector partners and NGOs, committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline through beach sand restoration, increasing the flow of natural sediment to the coast, wetlands recovery, improved water quality, watershed management and the reduction of marine debris and plastic pollution.
CalCoast has sponsored or supported legislation, budget requests and bond measures (Propositions 12, 13, 40, 50 and 84) that have raised billions of dollars in state and federal funding for beaches, wetlands, clean water and parks. In 1999, we sponsored the California Public Beach Restoration Act (AB 64-Ducheny), which created the state’s first fund for beach nourishment projects.

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Fate of Meerkats Tied to Seasonal Climate Effects | University of Zurich

Does a drier and hotter climate present a threat to the meerkats in the Kalahari Desert? Researchers from UZH and Cambridge show that climate change is likely...
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Carbon Gas Storage Cavern May Begin Operation in 2022 | ENN

A set of technologies that is expected to have its first results four years from now is designed to resolve one of the world’s greatest oil and gas...
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Should Californians get a digital dividend from tech companies? Gov. Newsom says yes | Orange County Register

“California’s consumers should also be able to share in the wealth that is created from their data,” Newsom said. Source: Should Californians get a digital...
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How will sea life will adapt to climate change? Grunion might show us clues, says new CSU Long Beach study | Orange County Register

A CSU Long Beach researcher studied grunion and their adaptations to ocean acidification. Source: How will sea life will adapt to climate change? Grunion...
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Wildflowers: How rain, fire and even drought could make 2019 a great year for Southern California | Orange County Register

Experts say it’s too soon to say if this spring will bring a “superbloom,” but things are looking promising from the Santa Monica Mountains to Joshua Tree and...
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What could be worse than the next big fire? The next big fire caused by PG&E | CALmatters

Customers will likely pay more and victims will get less should PG&E be liable for another major wildfire while the company is in bankruptcy. Source: What...
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California law that rolled back felony-murder rule violates state constitution, judge says |

A new state law that bars murder prosecutions for many accomplices in fatal crimes violates the California Constitution because it conflicts with...
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California Rain From Atmospheric River Event Brings Threat of Flooding, Mudslides | The Weather Channel

Rounds of rain will bring the threat of flooding, mudslides and debris flows this week to parts of California. Source: California Rain From Atmospheric River...
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House passes measure to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen, repudiating Trump’s backing of Saudi-led coalition | The Washington Post

The vote sends the issue back to the Senate, where lawmakers are expected to pass it. But the measure is not expected to get enough support to withstand a...
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Judge Rules Paul Manafort Made False Statements in Violation of Plea Deal | WSJ

The judge ruled former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort made intentional false statements to investigators about his contact with a Russian associate...
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California is in a drought emergency.

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