Committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline

The California Coastal Coalition (CalCoast)  is a non-profit advocacy group comprised of 35 coastal cities; five counties; SANDAG, BEACON and SCAG; private sector partners and NGOs, committed to protecting and restoring California’s coastline through beach sand restoration, increasing the flow of natural sediment to the coast, wetlands recovery, improved water quality, watershed management and the reduction of marine debris and plastic pollution.
CalCoast has sponsored or supported legislation, budget requests and bond measures (Propositions 12, 13, 40, 50 and 84) that have raised billions of dollars in state and federal funding for beaches, wetlands, clean water and parks. In 1999, we sponsored the California Public Beach Restoration Act (AB 64-Ducheny), which created the state’s first fund for beach nourishment projects.

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Nevada Takes Steps Toward California’s Clean Car Rules |

Nevada’s Governor wants to follow California’s lead on stronger fuel efficiency standards and require automakers to offer more electric vehicles for sale in...
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Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30-Year Mortgage | The New York Times

Climate change is starting to transform the classic home loan, a fixture of the American experience and financial system that dates back generations. Source:...
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Could racially motivated 911 calls become hate crimes? | CalMatters

A California lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would criminalize racially motivated 911 calls, a push to punish racial prejudice. Source: Could...
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In Letter To Congress, Water Agencies Call For Drinking Water Relief Funding | Valley Public Radio

In March, the COVID-19 relief bill known as the CARES Act set aside $900 million to help Americans pay their utility bills. Source: In Letter To Congress,...
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As potential mega-drought looms, Stanford researchers explore desalination system | ABC7 San Francisco

Researchers have recently warned of a potential mega-drought in the western United States - Conditions so dry that our drinking water supplies could be facing...
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California re-evaluating landmark cap and trade policy | CalMatters

The state's environmental chief laid out plans for re-examining whether California's cap and trade program is likely to meet goals for reducing emissions....
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Delegates told to stay home for Joe Biden’s nominating convention in Milwaukee | The Washington Post

Democrats are planning a much smaller four-day event with satellite celebrations designed for television and online broadcast. Source: Delegates told to stay...
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Decline in Green Energy Spending Might Offset COVID-Era Emissions Benefits |

Researchers have documented short-term environmental benefits during the  COVID-19-related lockdown, but that silver lining could be far outweighed by a...
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Early Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms Using Satellites Improves Management Decisions and Human Health Outcomes |

Heading to the lake this summer? While harmful algal blooms can cause health problems for lake visitors, satellite data can provide early detection of harmful...
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Newsom pleads with Californians as cases spike, threatens counties that defy coronavirus rules |

Gov. Gavin Newsom could withhold financial relief from local governments in the upcoming state budget if they do not follow guidelines that he says are...
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