Coastal communities formed the California Coastal Coalition (CalCoast) in July, 1998 to advocate for increased funding for beach restoration, wetlands restoration and improved water quality. In 1999, CalCoast co-sponsored The California Public Beach Restoration Act”, (AB 64-Ducheny) which created a state fund for sand replenishment projects. Since 1999, the legislature and has allocated more than $17 million to the beach restoration program created by AB 64. Most of that money has been used to pay the non-federal share of more than a dozen studies and projects currently being undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including a unique environmental restoration project that combines beach nourishment with improvements to an adjacent wetland. State funds are also being used for work on a state/federal study known as the “California Sediment Master Plan,” which is looking at ways to restore natural sediment supply to the shoreline.
During each legislative session, CalCoast supports funding and legislation that promotes wetlands and beach restoration, marine programs and ocean water quality projects. Convincing the state to maintain its financial commitment for these purposes is a constant challenge facing coastal communities each year, especially in view of the large budget deficits that California has been confronted with the past few years. Fortunately, the voters have approved several parks, ocean and water bonds that have made billions of dollars available for worthwhile projects up and down the coast.
On June 13, 2012 CalCoast testified during a hearing conducted by the Assembly Special Committee on the Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 2 (GRP 2). The GRP 2 recommends that the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) and the Boating and Waterways Commission be eliminated and that the DBW become a new division within the Department of Parks and Recreation.
We are concerned that the GRP 2 will reduce funding to the Public Beach Restoration Program (AB 64 1999). Click here for a letter you can email to the Special Committee to support the DBW and California’s beach restoration programs.
CalCoast is a member of the Public Advisory Committee of the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, a unique state/federal effort managed by the State Coastal Conservancy. CalCoast is also a member of the Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup, a collaborative effort between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State Resources Agency.

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