The Golden State’s system of 154 major reservoirs is holding 34,464,000 acre-feet according to the most recent June 12 state report with data pulled from an array of entities that own and manage these bodies of water, including the Department of Water Resources, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Army Corps of Engineers and several city water departments.   The state’s reservoirs held 26,628,000 acre-feet on the same date last year, when El Niño was expected to bring extraordinary weather systems, but instead hit us with weak storms dropping average precipitation. According to the June 20, 2015, report, the state’s reservoir system held 17,240,000 acre-feet. Water managers have conducted releases from reservoirs all year to create space for more water that’s pouring down from the mountains as a massive near-record-breaking Sierra snowpack thaws. The reservoir is currently holding 3.8 million gallons of water, even with ongoing releases meeting environmental demands and creating room for runoff, and its at 122 percent of average.

Source: California reservoirs holding twice as much water as at the drought’s height – SFGate

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